Property Insight provides property information and document and map images through a regional network of offices and operations engaged in data collection, research and electronic data delivery. Our assets include a network of title plants across 16 states and a massive document image repository. Our products and services help our customers quickly compile title search packages and manage open orders as they issue title insurance policies that ensure the safe transfer and financing of real property.

Property Insight History


Property Insight was originally established October 17, 2001 by Fidelity National Financial, the nation's largest provider of title insurance and real estate related products and services. The company was formed to consolidate the operations and management of title plants owned by FNF's subsidiaries, including Security Union, Chicago Title, Fidelity National Title and Ticor Title. Since its inception, Property Insight has doubled its geographic footprint to more than 300 counties in 19 states, and amassed a document image repository of more than one billion land records.


While less than 25 years old, Property Insight has built an impressive resume of accomplishments, including:
  • The introduction of TitlePoint™ in 2005, the industry's most advanced title search and order management system. It automates many of the elements of a title search and its track record of innovation is unmatched.
  • Completion of the national expansion of the industry's most advanced title plant platform in 2013, a project that began in 2004. Performed market-by-market to ensure no regional search capability was lost, Property Insight teams converted some of the industry's largest and most sophisticated title plants in markets such as Los Angeles, Chicago and Phoenix.
  • Creation of a plant modernization methodology, which enables us to re-architect legacy and paper-based plants into an advanced title platform that improves search speed and accuracy. We honed this methodology through the conversion of our eight legacy plants and have applied to new plants in Seattle and Michigan.


Property Insight provides information used by Fidelity National Title Group brands to underwrite title insurance for real property sales and transfer. We maintain the following types of information:
  • Automated title plant indices that catalog the chain of ownership and liens and encumbrances filed against real property and property owners.
  • Images of recorded land records that are indexed to property and name title chains.
  • Tax information, including current assessment information; current and prior year tax payment and collection data, and related support (research) services.
  • Map images, both electronic and hard-copy, showing the location of real property parcel boundaries, and to natural landmarks.
  • Images and electronic abstracts of court judgments that may affect an owner's claim of title to real property.
  • A nationwide starter image repository, made available to customers through our electronic search applications.
  • Back-plant resources consisting of paper records and maps that pre-date our electronic plants. Among the most important records are the Ante-fire Track Books, which lists property records for the period pre-dating the Great Chicago Fire and serve as the official public records for Cook County prior to 1871.

Judgment Search
The Judgment Search plant dates back to the 1950's and covers Maryland and the US Court. Our team has been providing judgment services for over 50 years and are local data and technology experts. We strategically improve the data and use a sophisticated name search algorithm to ensure you receive quality and reliable judgment searches.

The Judgment Search report is compiled by Property Insight examiners from State and Federal court data. Our data includes judgments, state tax liens, bankruptcies and the US District Court records. The consolidated report is designed to save you time and reduce risk in the title examination process.